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Emergency Planning

Saxlingham Nethergate, supported by the Parish Council, has had an active Community Emergency Plan for some years.

In the past the village has had to deal with power-cuts and loss of water supply or telephone lines. At these times the Community Emergency Plan has been used to identify those who may need assistance and to provide help and support.

It is recognised that extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances can mean that anyone, anywhere could suddenly find themselves without drinking water or electricity or be stuck in, or away from, their home for a considerable period of time. This could coincide with the Emergency Services having to respond to larger issues in the surrounding area.

The best way for any community to survive and recover is good, old-fashioned community spirit: local people helping neighbours and other local people.

Copies of Saxlingham Nethergate’s Community Emergency Plan are held by:

Please note that the version accessed from this website has had the confidential information removed.

  • Do you have any equipment that you could make available in an emergency to help
    people in this community?

  • Do you have any formal qualifications (e.g. medical training) or specialist knowledge?

  • Would you be willing to become a Community Emergency Volunteer and offer general
    assistance in an emergency?

  • Do you think you might need assistance in an emergency?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then please do get in touch. All information that you supply will be treated as confidential. It will be kept secure and it will only be used in an emergency to assist the community emergency response, the council’s Emergency Planners and the emergency services.

Bryn Austin – Emergency Co-ordinator
01508 499757

Bryn Austin
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