Parish Council meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the months or January, March, May, July, September and November in the Village Centre at 7.30pm. Agendas are posted on the parish council noticeboard on Lime Bank and the website at least three days beforehand. 

Public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings; there's an opportunity to speak and ask questions. 

Please note, if you would like an item to appear on the agenda, details must be sent to the Clerk at least eight days before the meeting. The Council is unable to make a decision on anything not included on the agenda but can discuss newly raised matters and refer them to the next meeting. 

Minutes of meetings are posted on the website and are available from the Clerk but remain in draft form until they are agreed at the next meeting. 

Meeting Dates 2022

Tuesday 11 January - budget

Tuesday 18 January - additional meeting to consider Alan Avenue planning application

Tuesday 25 January

Tuesday 29 March

Tuesday 26 April - annual parish meeting, not parish council meeting

Tuesday 31 May

Tuesday 12 July (earlier in the month than usual)

Tuesday 27 September

Tuesday 29 November