Speeding Data

Newton Flotman Parish Council has owned a SAM 2 (Speed Awareness Machine) since July 2015. It has been used in various locations in the village to remind drivers of the speed limit and to encourage them to stick to it. In addition it collects data on the number and speed of vehicles that pass it. Below is the data collected to date.

Unfortunately the device is currently out of action. It is hoped to have it working again, with the help of a grant from Norfolk County Council, in the early part of 2021/22 financial year.

2019 11 Meddings from A140

2019 10 Hazelwood from Flordon

2019 09 Hazelwood from A140

2019 08 Church Road from Greenways

2019 07 The Poplars from A140

2019 04 The Poplars from A140

2019 03 The Poplars from Flordon

2019 01 Hazelwood from A140

2018 12 Hazelwood from Flordon

2018 11 The Meddings from A140

2018 09 The Meddings from A140

2018 06 Church Road from Greenways

2018 05 The Poplars from A140

2018-03 The Poplars from Flordon

2018-01 Hazelwood from A140

2017-12 Hazelwood from Flordon

2017-11 Church Road from Greenways

2017-09 The Meddings from A140

2017-07 The Meddings from Flordon

2017-05 The Poplars from A140

2017-04 Short Street from A140

2017-03 Church Road from Greenways

2017-02 The Meddings from Flordon

2017-01 The Meddings from A140

2016-12 Hazelwood from Flordon

2016-11 Hazelwood from A140

2016-09 The Poplars from A140

2016-08 The Poplars from Flordon

2016-07 The Meddings from Flordon

2016-06 The Meddings from A140

2016-04 The Poplars from Flordon

2016-03 The Poplars from A140

2016-03 Hazelwood from A140

2016-02 Hazelwood from Flordon

2015-12 St Marys Close uphill

2015-12 St Marys Close downhill

2015-11 Greenwood from A140

2015-09 The Meddings from Flordon

2015-09 The Meddings from A140

2015-08 The Poplars from A140

2015-07 The Poplars from Flordon

SAM 2 Sign