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Research Report

In the summer of 2021, research was carried out to ascertain the wants and needs of those who lived and worked in the village. 

Thank you to all those who took part. 

The findings have now been written up into a report.

The parish council and other organisations working in the village will be able to use the findings to shape their decisions in the years to come.


Report Recommendations

The report details five recommendations, read on to find out how the parish council are or will be addressing these:

Road safety

Examine the feasibility of and seek to implement the following:

  • speed calming measures in Flordon Road,

  • a roundabout at the junction of Flordon Road and the A140

  • footpaths on Flordon Road and Church Road.

With the assistance of Daniel Elmer, the County Councillor for Newton Flotman, the parish council have met with Highways to discuss the options available. A further meeting is anticipated.

Doctor’s surgery

Lobby the Long Stratton Medical Partnership to increase the opening times for the surgery in Newton Flotman.

In response, the parish council have written to the Practice Manager, see below the parish council's request and the response received:

Letter from parish council

Surgery's response


Youth services and facilities/playing field

The following should be introduced into the village:

  • A youth/social club

  • Recreational activities including playing areas for younger children; equipment for older children

The parish council are working with the YMCA to introduce a youth club to the village, the first session will be held on Wednesday 25 May.


Volunteering and communication

Inform the residents of volunteering opportunities especially those in the age groups 21-30 and 31-40 and improve the communication to the village through social media.  Consider establishing a database of emails for people who are interested in receiving notification that way. 

In addition to the communication channels already used by the parish council - noticeboards, regular articles in the Partnership Magazine, Facebook and this website, the parish council has now sends out email newsletters to keep residents informed. Sign up here.


1.1.5.Regular surveys of the residents in the village

The Parish Council should survey the village regularly with a maximum interval of 5 years to ensure that they understand the wants and needs of the village and can implement suitable policies to meet them.

This will be followed up.

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